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April 2017

Thank you to Rotary International for hosting Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi for networking and conversation. I was able to ask the Congressman about Free Access to Public Education (FAPE) and how to work with his Republican colleague, Peter Roskim, in advocating for students in their shared district in Barrington. We accepted more clients for educational advocacy thanks to your referrals. With summer just a few months away, feel free to contact us about questions for proper programs and activities to preserve goals met and exceeded during the school year.


March 2017

Back to the books! Lessons Learned, our internationally successful blog, will be starting a special series! We will be recommended books, from young adult fiction to historical fiction, that are great entries to therapeutic lessons. With its first publication set for April, you will have a creative, new way to learn and reflect on empathy, generational family identity, and individualized education. Check back here to get updated reading lists and join our online book club! 


February 2017

It always feel too early to talk about the next school year...unless you are a school district. This is the time of year where districts are trying to figure out how many teachers, aides, and specialists they will need for the 2017-2018 school year. It's also the beginning of our busy season. Thank you to the parents who have trusted us to guide them through the anxiety of IEP or placement meetings


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Our mission

LiveNLearn Consulting aims to help individuals, families, and professionals reconnect with their best selves. Life’s unpredictable nature puts a tremendous amount of stress on you and those that surround you at work and at home. Our in-home therapy sessions and workshops teach “behavioral band-aids” to manage difficult times.

Thursday, May 4, 11:00 am-1:30 pm: Schaumburg Wellness Expo

All village employees will be treated to this event. We are so honored to have been invited to have a booth in order to share some of our services. Sorry, friends, this is closed to the public. But, if you want to learn more about the workshops and programs we offer, contact us today.

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Everyone, regardless of age or experience, deserves to be seen and heard without worrying that their story is not important enough or dramatic enough to be appreciated. LiveNLearn Consulting was founded to help individuals and families use their life experiences to successfully navigate current life struggles. We believe that everyone has a story that is best told in their own voice.


In counseling, LiveNLearn provides the opportunity for individuals and families to evaluate their past successes and learn how to apply those skills today. The role of all family members as well as generational expectations of family members is explored. LiveNLearn has specific talents in working with adolescents who struggle with a range of issues, from academic underachievement to addiction to eating disorders. We also have experience in working with “the sandwich generation,” adults who are caring for aging parents and growing children.


In schools, LiveNLearn works to tackle two of the largest concerns in education--retaining highly effective teachers and inspiring students to excel in this era of high stakes testing and rigorous academic standards. We believe the key to solving those problems is recognizing and respecting the individuals, teachers and students, who spend their days together. Relocation, divorce, grief and loss, and natural disasters run the gamut of stressful events that students--and teachers--bring into the classroom each day. Sharing how a common experience effects current beliefs and attitudes establishes connections allows for a deepening understanding of ourselves and enhances our educational experiences.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Gandhi

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Book Review

Have you visited the library or clicked on your Prime account to order your bibliotherapy books? Get the reading list, titles and topics, in anticipation of our periodic book review.